Saturday, May 23, 2009

Recording Gear

Mesin Rekoding Jenama Korg

Mesin Rekoding Jenama Boss, Aku pernah pakai BR -1800 CD, rosak kena petir,masa tue harga dia RM 6,000.00 tahun 1999
Mesin Rekoding Yamaha
Tascam nie pun bole tahan gak, tapi mahal sikit la

Mesin Rekoding Behringer

So you now have your studio room and cant wait to get your music studio set up so you start recording, but in the process of setting up your room, probably having previously done some form of now want to upgrade, so you can get a better recording. Now the dilemma, do you look at a digital multi-track unit, with such a wide choice now available and with the costs comming down all the time, its quite bewildering.

Or do you look at a computer based unit as mentioned on the "getting started page", you will by now be pretty sure which direction your going to spend you cash on. Now is the time to search the net and music magazines, visits the music shows and ask as many questions as you can, talk to other musicians that record their own stuff, they will be able you or prevent you from investing in equipment that may not be for you. The biggest thing I found with installing my computer and software was the number of questions and problems that arose, "why does,nt that lead work from my mixing desk", why do I have to re-boot the computer each time" and many many more questions, that the instruction manuals don't address

This is why, this web site will include a chat room and guestbook where we can help each other in trying to sort out those technical problems that occur, when setting up your recording studio and also when adding new software and equipment. But more importantly we can use this web site as a stepping stone towards that ladder of getting your piece of music or song to the right people in the right format.

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